On Sequels, Michelangelo, and Daily Writing Goals

Well, my daily goal is to write at least 1000 words.  It isn’t a difficult goal, but sometimes it seems to take me longer than it should.  I spend time looking back at what I’ve already written, usually to make sure my present writing coincides with previous statements (especially if I’m still writing about the same day in the novel as I have been for a week).  Then I get distracted by simply reading my book.  It interests me, I notice things I’d forgotten I wrote.

Still, it feels good to finish 1000 words.  I wish I wrote more per day, and I think I will eventually (some days I’ve written 2000 or more…it’s just not a routine pace).  Chipping away at this block of marble.  But that’s a poor metaphor.  Writers have it more challenging than Michelangelo did.  He cut away until he saw David.  A blank page is empty, not full.  We have to build up, while he tore down.

We Kill Death 2 (:Lost in New York) (no really, it’s still very much untitled).  I’m proud of it so far, because while its predecessor We Kill Death is a wonderful story, this sequel is not a mere rerun.  That’s what it seems many sequels are today, whether book or film; they’re the same exact story (with potentially more action/cgi).  Sequels should continue the story, not just stick with what worked the first time.
The sequel I’m working on is a continuation of the story, meaning that new things are happening to the same characters.
Lousy sequels, though, have the “here we go again” mentality.  That isn’t interesting.  That isn’t storytelling.


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I'm a poet and author. I create good fiction and good fantasy.
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3 Responses to On Sequels, Michelangelo, and Daily Writing Goals

  1. Jake Ritter says:

    Taken 2: His Family Gets Kidnapped Again
    The Hangover Part 2: This idea got us a lot of money the first time

    Glad to hear that the sequel will have some newness to it. I’m looking forward to it, and hope, even though it gave me a good laugh, that they don’t get lost in New York.

  2. So would you say that it is good to re-read what you have previously written to refresh yourself of the story and where you are in it? As long as you’re reaching your own personal goal? Also, I’m looking forward to the sequel!

    • Yeah, if you don’t remember where you are, you should definitely refresh yourself. But if you write consistently enough, this shouldn’t be a problem.
      Good deal, I’m only about a fourth into it though.

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